AAT: A Cure for Your Allergies?

While we are just now thawing out from winter, spring will be quickly upon us. The blossoming flowers and fresh cut grass can be miserable for those that suffer. If you have tried all the other allergy remedies or are tired of taking over-the-counter medications that only treat the symptoms, you do have another option. Advanced Allergy Therapeutics (AAT) is an innovative way to treat allergies.

Spring Clean Your Supplements

Last year at this time we discussed spring cleaning your refrigerator and pantry. This year, let’s talk about doing the same to your supplement regimen. To begin, pull out all of your supplements and begin to ask yourself some questions: Do you remember why you started taking taking those herbs? When was the last time you used that protein powder? At what dosing are you supposed to be taking that nutrient? When was the expiration date on your tincture?