Alliance Integrative Medicine’s Fellowship Accredited by the American Board of Physician Specialties

  AIM is one of only 14 accredited integrative medicine fellowship training centers in the USA Cincinnati, Ohio, Aug. 1, 2018 – Cincinnati-based Alliance Integrative Medicine (AIM) is delighted to announce that the American Board of Integrative Medicine® (ABOIM®) has approved AIM’s Integrative Medicine Physician of Excellence Program (IMPOE) — making it one of only … Continued

Part 1: Why Do I Have Heartburn?

Heartburn is commonly associated with overeating, the consumption of certain foods, especially those that are spicy or fatty, pregnancy, and obesity. Despite these frequently associated causes, many of our new patients who present with this symptom as a daily concern do not fit into one of these categories. Here at AIM, we also take into consideration other factors before we treat.