As many as two out of five Americans believe that they have allergies to certain foods. In fact, fewer than 2 percent have true food allergies. A food allergy occurs when the body’s immune system reacts to otherwise harmless proteins in certain foods. While most food allergies are mild, in some cases they can cause anaphylactic shock, a serious, sometimes life-threatening, reaction. Food allergies affect mostly young children. With the exception of peanut allergy, the majority of children outgrow their allergic sensitivities.

Signs and Symptoms

  • Swelling or itching lips, tongue, and mouth
  • Dermatitis or hives
  • Runny and itchy nose
  • Headache
  • Stomach pain or upset

The following symptoms should be treated as a medical emergency.

  • Immediate and extreme facial swelling and itching
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Rapid increase in heart rate
  • Rapid drop in blood pressure
  • Itching or tightening of the throat
  • Sudden hoarseness


The foods that most commonly cause allergic reactions are peanuts, tree nuts (walnuts, pecans, almonds), milk, eggs, soy, fish, shellfish, and wheat. In most cases, allergies occur when an individual who has a genetic sensitivity to certain allergens is exposed to the substance.

Integrative Medicine Treatment Options

We combine the best of conventional medicine with the best of complementary and alternative therapies to give you optimal results.

Here are some options we use at Alliance Integrative Medicine LOCATED IN Cincinnati, Ohio

  • Acupuncture
  • Medication, Herbal Therapies and Supplements
  • Mind/Body Relaxation Techniques

Our food allergy patients come to us from Indian Hill, Hyde Park, Loveland, Westchester/Liberty Township and Mason as well as Finneytown, Reading, Springdale, Terrace Park, Blue Ash and from all across the U.S.