Sinus headache causes a dull, deep, or severe pain in the front of your head and in your face. It is caused by an infection in the passages behind the cheeks, nose, and eyes. Bending down or leaning over makes the pain worse, as does cold and damp weather. Sinus headache is often worse in the morning, and better by afternoon.

Signs and Symptoms

Sinus headache produces the following symptoms:

  • Dull or severe pain in one area at the front of your head
  • Yellow or green discharge from your nose
  • Red and swollen nasal passages
  • Mild to moderate fever
  • General sense of not feeling well


Colds or respiratory viruses leave sinuses vulnerable to bacterial infection. Microorganisms can get into your sinuses and cause your mucous membranes to swell. This blocks normal drainage, and the increase in pressure results in a sinus headache.

Integrative Medicine Treatment Options

We combine the best of conventional medicine with the best of complementary and alternative therapies to give you optimal results.

Here are some options we use at Alliance Integrative Medicine LOCATED IN Cincinnati, Ohio

  • Acupuncture
  • Chiropractic
  • Herbal Therapies, Supplements & Medication
  • Mind/Body Relaxation Techniques
  • Energy Healing
  • Medical Massage Therapy

Our sinus headache patients come to us from Loveland, Westchester/Liberty Township, Mason, Indian Hill and Hyde Park as well as Reading, Springdale, Terrace Park, Blue Ash, Finneytown and from all over the United States.