It’s not the fat dummy – it’s the sugar! (…and other great untruths we have swallowed)

In recent blogs and newsletters we have highlighted certain “truths” we have been led to believe were going to make us healthier, when in fact they did just the opposite. In this last month’s newsletter, we referenced Time magazine’s article on 6/23/14 – Eat Butter: Scientists labeled fat the enemy. Why they were wrong. The Time author reviews in detail how fat has been demonized for years, yet fat hasn’t been the problem. If you were lucky enough to attend our screening of the documentary, Fed Up, or if you are paying attention in general to the population around you, you will begin to understand that our generation is rapidly becoming the largest ever failed experiment in food science. We have been listening to the “experts” – but it turns out the “experts” were wrong! It seems that sugar, specifically high fructose corn syrup is currently our biggest concern.

The Magic of Butter

Have you seen the cover article on the most recent Time magazine? Eat Butter: Don’t Blame Fat states that for decades experts have been touting a diet that has paradoxically increased the incidence of diabetes, obesity, and clogged arteries.