AAT: A Cure for Your Allergies?

While we are just now thawing out from winter, spring will be quickly upon us. The blossoming flowers and fresh cut grass can be miserable for those that suffer. If you have tried all the other allergy remedies or are tired of taking over-the-counter medications that only treat the symptoms, you do have another option. Advanced Allergy Therapeutics (AAT) is an innovative way to treat allergies.

Prolotherapy – One Year Reflections

It’s hard for me to believe it’s been nearly a year since I went to Honduras for training and experience using prolotherapy for patients with ligament laxity. Time sure does fly! Since returning I’ve had the privilege of treating 4-6 patients/week using this modality. They come from within our existing practice from patients who’ve not responded to other treatments such as acupuncture, FSM (frequency specific microcurrent), and chiropractic care. They find me by on-line searching for a local prolotherapist, or by referral from an outside chiropractor. Some find me after a satisfied prolotherapy patient tells them their own success story.

Transforming Your Health – and Your Life

Have you noticed how the onset of an illness can herald a cascading downward spiral of even more illnesses? You may have seen someone develop one medical problem, then quickly pick up a whole lot more. Or, worst case, you know of someone who got sick and then pretty much gave up on life? In our practice as integrative medicine physicians, we have seen how certain patients can learn to bounce back from serious illness. They learn to take their health problem, one that might be devastating to most people, and use it to make themselves-and even the world-a better place. They learn how to heal physically and grow spiritually. They not only get well, they get better. To use a well-known phrase, they turn lemons into lemonade. We know from treating these kinds of patients that it is possible to move toward well-being by learning to transform symptoms of disease and discomfort into a new state of better health. We call this approach Transformational Medicine.