Harness the Power of Positive Thinking

Achieving happiness and maintaining a positive outlook on life may be more important to your
health than you think. For some of us, that’s a little easier said than done. According to a Harvard study, training your brain to be positive is not so different from training your muscles at the gym. Recent research on neuroplasticity—the ability of the brain to change even in adulthood—reveals that engaging in one brief positive exercise every day for as little as three weeks can have a lasting impact.

Why Research Is Vital for Integrative Medicine

Over the past decade, we have seen Integrative Medicine become more and more common in mainstream medical centers. Integrative Medicine (IM) is now taught at most mainstream medical schools, and interestingly it is also becoming much more commonly utilized in the military. In 2009, the Army Pain Management Task Force (PMTF) report called for building best practices for the continuum of acute and chronic care based on a “holistic, multidisciplinary, integrative approach to care.