Elizabeth Woolford, MD

Elizabeth Woolford, MD

Dr. Elizabeth Woolford has been a physician acupuncturist at Alliance Integrative Medicine since its opening in 1999. She trained as a physician at the Medical College of Ohio at Toledo. Following medical school, she completed a three-year traditional family practice residency and then worked for nine years as a family physician. During that time, she found herself treating many patients with chronic conditions that medications and physical therapy were often unable to address. This inspired her to explore the use of alternative therapies, which she now integrates into her treatments.

Dr. Woolford is Board Certified in Family Medicine, and her continuing education pursuits include nutrition and non-prescriptive supplements. In 2006 she completed training in FirstLine Therapy®, a personalized lifestyle medicine program that incorporates therapeutic lifestyle changes such as healthy nutrition, exercise, and stress management. In 2011 Dr. Woolford trained in Prolotherapy and in 2014 she completed additional training in neural Prolotherapy for neuropathic pain treatment.

In addition to her practice Dr. Woolford travelled the country as a clinical instructor of medical acupuncture 2003-2005.

She travelled with a medical team from the University of Wisconsin to Honduras in early 2013 to provide Prolotherapy to its citizens as a part of a medical mission trip.

She served as president of the Ohio Chapter of the American Academy of Medical Acupuncture (AAMA) in 2009–2010 and is one of its founding members.

The medical accomplishments of Alliance Integrative Medicine by Dr. Woolford have been featured nationally on Lifetime TV.

Dr. Woolford was selected as a “Best Doctor” in years 2009-2015.

Dr. Woolford enjoys sharing her experiences and expertise in patient care with local nurses, nursing students, medical students, and residents. She serves as a bridge in understanding Western medicine and the role of other scientifically validated alternatives.

Dr. Woolford is Alliance Integrative Medicine’s Director of Physician Education, overseeing applications to the center’s Integrative Medicine Physician of Excellence Program (IMPOE) fellowship program and medical student education.