Marcie Fields, B.S., R.N., M.A.

Marcie Fields, B.S., R.N., M.A.

Marcie Fields is long-time registered nurse/energy therapist with the Alliance Integrative Medicine. Her nursing training encompasses many diverse areas, including behavioral health and mental health; and, she is a crisis prevention instructor.

Marcie began utilizing a more integrated approach to illness while working as a behavioral health nurse. While working as a home-care mental health case manager, she was able to develop guidelines and protocol for use of energy healing techniques in the care of home-bound Medicare patients.

Marcie also has a masters degree in conflict resolution. Working with other staff members at AIM, she has developed integrated approaches to issues of conflict in relationships—whether that relationship is the person with their illness, health, self, family, others, or stress.

Marcie’s Native American family background gives her additional resources for energy healing and nontraditional approaches to health. Her continuing education includes ways of examining and teaching expanded integrated techniques of health for dealing with life stressors and everyday living.

In addition to her work at the institute, Marcie has been involved in national community awareness on issues of conflict.