Mary Rasmussen

Mary Rasmussen

Mary Rasmussen is an Integrative Health Coach and received her training at Duke University. She is also certified as a Nutritional Counselor from the Trinity School of Natural Health, and has a B.A. in Business and Economics from Iowa State University.

As an Integrative Health Coach, Mary uses personalized health planning which greatly improves outcomes for people wanting to make dietary and lifestyle changes. Her role as a coach is to help people rise above barriers to good health and empower them to stay active, healthy and to thrive by making lasting changes in their mindset and behaviors.

This change process is grounded in awareness that effective change must evolve from within before it can be manifested and maintained externally. The process allows one to find their own powerful motivating forces, to establish goals and break them into manageable steps, to track progress and identify and overcome personal roadblocks. Coaching involves working with the whole person and integrates body, mind, emotion, spirit, and one’s environment.

Strategies to promote optimal health may include the use of diet, exercise, body/mind techniques, physician-recommended supplementation and reducing one’s exposure to environmental toxins.

Mary’s goal as a coach is to give the support, accountability and encouragement to help one achieve positive changes that lead to health by ‘choice’ rather than just hoping for health by ‘chance’.