Steve Amoils, MD, Medical Director

Steve Amoils, MD, Medical Director

“My wife Sandi and I spent years seeking out the best alternative therapies all over the world so we could see which ones truly worked. It was our dream to offer these types of therapies to patients, in a responsible manner, along with the best of conventional medicine. The results continue to astound us!”

Dr. Steve Amoils and his wife Dr. Sandi Amoils are the medical co-directors of Alliance Integrative Medicine and co-authors of Get Well & Stay Well – Optimal Health Through Transformational Medicine℠.

Dr. Amoils is certified by the American Board of Family Medicine and holds additional certification in pain management. He is an adjunct assistant professor in the Department of Continuing Medical Education at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. He has been selected as one of America’s Top Family Doctors and has received “The Best Doctors in America” award on multiple occasions since 2002.

Dr. Amoils trained as a physician in South Africa, London, and the United States. While in medical school, he was also educated in techniques of naturopathy and osteopathy and was involved in researching the local African healing system as well as meditation.

Following medical school, Dr. Amoils and Sandi spent two years traveling around the world, intent on finding healers in indigenous medical systems who were achieving “miracle cures” (outcomes that were eluding Western medicine) and studied with them. During this time, he learned acupuncture in Japan and various energy healing techniques in different parts of the world. Later on, he studied medical acupuncture through UCLA’s Helms Medical Institute (under the direction of Dr. Joe Helms).

Dr. Amoils completed his family practice residency at the University of Cincinnati and then spent ten years in family practice before launching his career as a full-time practitioner of integrative medicine at Alliance Integrative Medicine.

Dr. Amoils is involved in the continual practice, learning, research, and teaching of integrative medicine and is currently president of the Ohio Chapter of the American Academy of Medical Acupuncture.