Steven M. Bleser, DC, FICC

Steven M. Bleser, DC, FICC

Steven Bleser, D.C., FICC, has been a chiropractic physician involved with Alliance Integrative Medicine since its inception. With undergraduate training at the University of Cincinnati, he has a B.A. in English and a B.S. in biology. After being commissioned in the U.S. Army Signal/Medical Service Corps and completing active duty, he earned his Doctorate in Chiropractic degree at the National University of Health Sciences in Chicago. He has been named a Fellow in the International College of Chiropractors. Dr. Bleser was recently named one of the top three chiropractic physicians in Cincinnati by City Beat magazine.

Dr. Bleser focuses on the structural integrity or architectural correction aspects of patient care at our center. He believes that structure dictates function and determines whether the system works at all and how well. He has a strong belief that integrative is the correct word for his approach to his patients. Bringing all his chiropractic skills together to benefit the patient is what he and Alliance Integrative Medicine are about. Dr. Bleser believes that good chiropractic care takes a team approach to helping patients restore, maintain, and increase their good health.

As member and president, Dr. Bleser has served for the longest continuing time in the history of the Ohio State Board of Chiropractic Examiners; he is the board’s only member emeritus. He has served on the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners in several capacities, especially in administering practical testing. Dr. Bleser is a past president of the Southwestern Ohio Chiropractic Association and the Ohio State Chiropractic Association. He was named Chiropractor of the Year in Ohio in 1984, and in 1991 received the President’s Achievement Award from the Southwestern Ohio Chiropractic Association for his outstanding leadership and unselfish service to the chiropractic community. He is a member of the Chiropractic Knights of the Round Table, an exclusive leadership think tank for the profession. He is a member of the community faculty of the University of Cincinnati – College of Medicine and lectures regularly to nursing and medical students.

Two major passions (his family and his profession) and three minor ones (motorcycles, airplanes, and horses) define Dr. Bleser. He encourages his patients, colleagues, and friends to define themselves.

Dr. Bleser says, “People often ask, ‘Did you ever see yourself working in a center like this so closely with professionals of other disciplines?’ I always did, but I had to practice traditionally, communicate effectively, and forge alliances for 25 years before the dream came true. Chiropractic restores and maintains the health of nerves, bones, and muscle. Patients are my purpose and my colleagues at Alliance Integrative Medicine are my heroes.”