The One Secret to Help You Overcome Your Fitness Plateau

As an avid music lover, it infiltrates every part of my life and certain songs trigger powerful memories from different stages of my life. Whenever I hear “Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)” by C+C Music Factory I think of my dad and random dance parties in the basement when I was a little girl. Music has gotten me through some of the highest and lowest points of my life. It is a daily part of my everyday routine from what song my morning alarm plays to what inspires me to run that extra mile. No matter what type of music you like, melodies and beats have a universal language on an unconscious level that we can all relate to.

Nourish Well With Seasonal Food

I am always excited when this time of the year arrives in Cincinnati. The new energy that exudes from nature is contagious, and it is a wonderful feeling to brush aside the quiet, introverted energy of winter. I love to get out into nature and watch how the plants change daily.

The Purple Asparagus Thief

So I was on my usual Whole Foods shopping trip, minding my own business, and getting all my goodies in the produce section when my eyes popped open and saw these fabulous purple (my favorite color) big stalks sticking out of the ice. I could not believe my eyes! Surrounded by bunches of green asparagus, this purple asparagus seemed to glow with intrigue. I LOVE ASPARAGUS. It’s one of my favorite foods of spring. But, I’m used to my old faithful green and occasionally I’ve seen the white variety. So my heart literally skipped a beat as I stashed the last bunch of purple stalks into my cart. Although I didn’t know what I was going to do with this delectable treat, I had to have it. As I headed over to the onion section I heard a lady behind me exclaim, “Someone took the last purple bunch! I should have grabbed it when I had the chance because I have never seen purple asparagus before!” My first thought was “Snooze, you lose!” (terrible, I know) and then I heard the produce guy say they might have some more in the back. Still, I smoothly adjusted the other items in my cart to cover up my prize possession before I got jacked!