The PRICE is Right

The combination of warmer weather, plenty of sunshine and limited vacation time causes many of us to become “weekend warriors.” This “get it in” or “get it done while you can” mindset with five days of sitting at a desk in between is often the reason why many of us end up with strains, sprains or even worse during the summer months. If an injury does occur during your time of play this season, remembering the acronym PRICE may help improve your chances of a quick recovery.

The Balancing Act of Fitness

Most of us have seen the yin/yang symbol at some point but do you know what it means?

Did you know that it relates to all of life including how you exercise?

Yin is the white side of the symbol and means the hidden/feminine/receptive/potential side of being.

Yang is the black side of the symbol and means the outwardly expressed/action/male side of being.