The Cheap Superfood: The Apple

With superfoods being the new “it” thing in the nutrition world, incorporating them into your diet can be confusing and expensive. While acai, matcha, raw cacao, seaweed, hemp seed, and golden berries are fantastic additions to your pantry, let’s bring it back to the basics and keep it simple.

Tips to Survive the Halloween Sugar Madness

As a mother, I want to give the best to my children to help them grow up healthy. As a naturopathic doctor, I’ve also studied all the components to living a healthy lifestyle. Around the upcoming holiday season, starting with Halloween, I become a very conflicted person because I want my kids to have as much fun around these holidays as I did when I was young.

Vitamin D: The Happy Hormone

Vitamin D is often referred to as “the happy hormone”. Actually it is a prohormone — it gets converted to an active hormone with multiple tissue targets such as the brain, bone and liver. Deficiencies have been linked to diabetes, autism and many cancers. Experts like Michael Holick Ph.D.,M.D. at Boston University have proven that optimal levels of D3 in humans are 60-80 ng/ml and in North America people living above Atlanta Georgia’s latitude are at risk of a deficiency in this vitamin due to a lack of sun exposure. Even farmers and other workers who are outside all day are deficient due to the angle of the sun’s rays in the northern hemisphere. Depending on your epigenes, which dictate the efficiency of your vitamin D receptors, even if you get sun exposure and take the RDA allowance of vitamin D in a multi-vitamin, you can still be deficient. Fortunately, a simple blood test can determine your level and supplemental D 3 vitamins can help! At AIM, we’ve tested thousands of patients and although 25-45 ng/ml is considered normal (but not optimal!) we’ve seen patients with levels as low as 8. Many with low levels suffer with diagnoses of fibromyalgia, depression and other autoimmune diseases. While this is often not the only imbalance, correcting it can make a tremendous difference in your health.