Your Fall Transformation Toolkit

Get well and stay well this fall with these top 5 tips from our wellness team.

1.Slow down. Often we are in such a rush during fall with kids going back to school and work ramping up that the lazy days of summer are a distant memory. Carry that summer spirit into fall by simply slowing down. Go for a leisurely 20 minute walk during your lunch hour without your phone. Combat adrenal fatigue (elevated cortisol) this season with MBSR – Mindful Based Stress Reduction. This incredible 8-week course with Dr. Richard Sears will teach you tools to combat your stress, anxiety, and depression on a daily basis contributing to your overall wellness. The next course starts Monday, Sept.15th. For more information, contact our office. ~ Dr. Liz Woolford, Integrative Medicine Physician & Prolotherapist