An in-depth medical assessment is the first step toward developing your Transformational Wellness Plan℠. We are proud of this thorough process that goes beyond just examining the affected parts of your health to analyzing your entire body and how its systems interact. We utilize both conventional and Functional Medicine testing to assess your medical history (which may include your genomics), your stress level, your nutrition, food allergies and sensitivities, your microbiome, your hormone levels, and your complete musculoskeletal system to paint a complete picture of your health and deliver the best possible outcomes for you. We call this process the Five Rings of Diagnosis.

Medical Diagnosis Loveland & Medical Assessment of Men, Women in Mason

Ring One

Making An Expanded Medical Diagnosis

In addition to a thorough history and physical examination, we offer the following:

Conventional Lab Tests
Usually paid for by your insurance.

EndoPAT – Endothelial Function Testing 
The endothelium is the inside layer of your arteries over which your blood flows. Endothelial dysfunction is associated with coronary artery disease, strokes, and erectile dysfunction. The EndoPAT is an easy, safe, non-invasive test that we can use to assess your endothelial dysfunction and see if the lifestyle, diet, medications, and supplement choices you have made are alleviating your risk factors.

Genomic Testing
Many people assume that the presence of a particular gene means they are destined to experience an associated disease. The truth is that most genes are flexible and can be influenced by modifying environmental, diet, and lifestyle factors. By evaluating a carefully selected group of genetic variants, we can get a glimpse of your health future and can help you minimize risk and modify disease in your body.

For example, we can look at your predisposition to Alzheimer’s Disease, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, breast cancer and prostate cancer, strokes, and a host of other problems. We can use genomics to see which drugs might work better to alleviate cholesterol problems, cardiac disease, and psychiatric problems. Then, using Nutrigenomics, we tailor a lifestyle just for you which may include modifying your diet,  nutritional supplements, stress reduction programs, and integrative therapies that can help you lose weight and restore and maintain your health.

Genomic Weight Testing
This test can evaluate if you are genetically predisposed to a low-fat, low-carb, or balanced weight loss diet, as well as whether you should be doing high intensity or moderate exercise. People on a genetically appropriate weight loss diet lose on average 2.5 times more than those on a regular weight loss diet.

InBody 570 Evaluation
The InBody 570 is a complete body composition analysis tool to measure your basal metabolic rate, muscle, body fat, and visceral fat, as well as your body’s intracellular and extracellular water. In less than 45 seconds, the device measures the quantity (in pounds) of fat and muscle in each of your body’s segments so you can learn how body composition changes over time and accurately determine the minimum number of calories you need to fuel your body.

The machine determines your body composition results using a low-grade electrical impedance. Users stand on the InBody scale for 45 seconds while holding hand electrodes — no pinching or discomfort. This data allows us to track your health and body composition in real time, and then devise a personalized diet and exercise plan. Click here to learn more.

WatchPAT – Sleep Testing
This convenient test, which you take in the comfort of your home, allows us to evaluate whether or not you have a sleep disorder. We can assess issues such as obstructive sleep apnea and unexplained fatigue to determine if your symptoms warrant further workup.

Ring Two

Evaluating the Effects of Stress on the Body

Stress & Neurotransmitter Assessment
Learn where you are on the Stress Curve by checking cortisol and neurotransmitter levels. Your nervous system is one of the most complex systems in nature and is responsible for coordinating thousands of processes in your body. When this system gets disrupted, it can affect your day to day activity. The good news is that these levels can be measured, and we can help create a therapeutic program to get you back on track, potentially easing sadness, anxiety, sleep problems, headaches, behavioral problems, and more.

Ring Three

Evaluating Your Nutrition, Metabolism and Immune Status

Nutritional Evaluation through NutrEval and The ONE (Optimal Nutritional Evaluation)
These are two simple tests to determine your overall dietary needs so that we can help you develop a personalized approach to nutrition. These tests assess vitamin, protein, fatty acid and antioxidant needs, gut function and probiotic balance, and detoxification problems in the body. While NutrEval is a more comprehensive test, conducted in our office with a single blood draw and urine sample, the ONE is only a urine test.

Comprehensive Stool Analysis
This testing can help us evaluate digestion and gut function and helps us assess inflammation in the gut, as well the balance of good and bad bacteria in the gut (dysbiosis).

Food Sensitivity Analysis and Evaluation
Unlike allergies, which have immediate effects, people with food sensitivities (usually the result of poor GI health) may not realize that the foods they eat are significantly impacting their health. We can identify these sensitivities by measuring your immunoglobulin (IgG), a unique immune protein. Using data from these tests we can help you create a custom plan to get your GI health back on track. We find this test is often very helpful in evaluating Leaky Gut.

SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth) Testing
SIBO is a breath test done at home to evaluate if you have an overgrowth of bacteria in your small intestine that may result in severe bloating with diarrhea or constipation. This test will help us decide what your best treatment options are.

BrainSpan Testing
This test utilizes both a blood test as well as a computer-aided cognitive and memory function test to give us insight into optimizing your brain health.

Heavy Metal Testing
Heavy metal toxicity can cause severe health issues. We utilize a challenge test with a chelating agent to see if you have significant amounts of heavy metals stored in areas of your body (e.g., spleen, liver, bone marrow, etc.).

Immune System Testing
Your physician will discuss further testing of your immune system as necessary.

Ring Four

Evaluating Your Hormone Balance

Both men and women, primarily middle-aged and older, can benefit from these evaluations. Through specialized lab tests, we can gain precise insights about the way your hormone levels impact your body, as well as your risk for breast cancer and prostate cancer. We can help you achieve optimal skin tone, easier weight management, increased energy levels, more restful sleep, and more! Balanced hormones can also help with low libido, infertility, PMS, menopausal symptoms, and andropausal (male menopause) symptoms such as erectile dysfunction.

  • We use conventional labs.
  • We also offer specialized testing of your sex steroid pathways to assess your predisposition to breast cancer and prostate cancer.

Ring Five

Evaluating Your Structure and Bioenergetic Balance

Our physician acupuncturists, chiropractors, massage therapists, Rolfers, and energy healers perform these evaluations. They will help you understand your susceptibility to illness, pain, and discomfort – then help you create a personalized plan to improve your health.

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