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The Art of Healthy Travel

Katherine Mattox, RDN I love talking with patients about their lives and travels, and travel is a frequent topic that comes up in our sessions. Typically our conversations address the patient’s concern about how to sustain a healthy diet during

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Vitamin D: The Happy Hormone

What is vitamin D? Vitamin D is often referred to as “the happy hormone.” Despite being referred to as a vitamin, it actually functions as a prohormone – it is converted into an active hormone that acts on multiple tissues

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Is Sleep the New Sweat?

Recently a new book was released by Arianna Huffington called The Sleep Revolution. It quickly went to the top of the bestseller list to no one’s surprise. Why? Insomnia is one of the top problems patients come to see us

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Choosing the Right Probiotic

Teresa Esterle, M.D. There are many considerations when choosing a probiotic. Generally speaking, most people can benefit from taking one. We always recommend working with your provider to get a specific recommendation that is best for you. However, there are

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Can Prolotherapy Cure Your Painful Joints?

Nine hours in airports and airplanes followed by three hours in a well-worn van driving along after dark trying to avoid potholes, donkeys, and pedestrians—yes, this is how my journey began! On February 22nd, 2013 I had the opportunity to

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