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Is Sleep the New Sweat?

Recently a new book was released by Arianna Huffington called The Sleep Revolution. It quickly went to the top of the bestseller list to no one’s surprise. Why? Insomnia is one of the top problems patients come to see us and an issue most of have experienced at some point in our lives. We often

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Choosing the Right Probiotic

Teresa Esterle, M.D. There are many considerations when choosing a probiotic. Generally speaking, most people can benefit from taking one. We always recommend working with your provider to get a specific recommendation that is best for you. However, there are three things you should be particularly concerned with: 1. Picking a Quality Brand This is

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Transforming Your Health – and Your Life

Have you noticed how the onset of an illness can herald a cascading downward spiral of even more illnesses? You may have seen someone develop one medical problem, then quickly pick up a whole lot more. Or, worst case, you know of someone who got sick and then pretty much gave up on life? In

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Can Prolotherapy Cure Your Painful Joints?

Nine hours in airports and airplanes followed by three hours in a well-worn van driving along after dark trying to avoid potholes, donkeys, and pedestrians—yes, this is how my journey began! On February 22nd, 2013 I had the opportunity to join a team of medical providers with the Hemwall Hackett Foundation through the University of

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Prolotherapy – One Year Reflections

It’s hard for me to believe it’s been nearly a year since I went to Honduras for training and experience using prolotherapy for patients with ligament laxity. Time sure does fly! Since returning I’ve had the privilege of treating 4-6 patients/week using this modality. They come from within our existing practice from patients who’ve not

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The Best Massage in Town

A massage is a wonderful gift to give loved ones, friends, family and even yourself. With so many places offering massages, how do you decide where to go? We talked with the head of our massage-therapy team, Jeff Burk, LMT, NMT, who taught massage at the Cincinnati School of Medical Massage for 10 years, to

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The Balancing Act of Fitness

Most of us have seen the yin/yang symbol at some point but do you know what it means? Did you know that it relates to all of life including how you exercise? Yin is the white side of the symbol and means the hidden/feminine/receptive/potential side of being. Yang is the black side of the symbol

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Why Fit Does Not Equal Healthy

Ever hear about the long distance runner who died of a heart attack? The risk of this happening is extremely small. According to a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine in January 2012, out of 11 million long-distance runners, 59 people suffered cardiac arrest, 51 of them men. Being fit did not

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A Diabetes Discussion

Since November 14th is World Diabetes Day, a day dedicated “to raise awareness of diabetes, its prevention and complications, and the care that people with the condition need,” we decided to sit down with Kathryn Peeden, M.D. (Dr. Katie) to discuss the Type 2 Diabetes epidemic in the United States. AIM: Hi Dr. Katie. Thank

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