Do You Need to Re-Evaluate Your Exercise Routine?

Caylin Holmes, D.C., DACRB Many of us are still facing changed routines and increased stress levels. We are trying to return to our old exercise routines, but we aren’t responding like we used to. Alternatively, some patients are finding themselves increasing or changing up their exercise routine due to having additional time or preferring the … Continued

Back to School, Back to Sports

  Back-to-school preparation often coincides with back-to-sports training for many of our family members and ourselves. When we start a new school year, we are usually given a list of supplies that will help us to become great students. Here at AIM, we like to share with you our list of items to support yourself … Continued

A Diabetes Discussion

  Since November 14th is World Diabetes Day, a day dedicated “to raise awareness of diabetes, its prevention and complications, and the care that people with the condition need,” we decided to sit down with Kathryn Peeden, M.D. (Dr. Katie) to discuss the Type 2 Diabetes epidemic in the United States.   AIM: Hi Dr. … Continued

Why Fit Does Not Equal Healthy

Ever hear about the long distance runner who died of a heart attack? The risk of this happening is extremely small. According to a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine in January 2012, out of 11 million long-distance runners, 59 people suffered cardiac arrest, 51 of them men. Being fit did not make them healthy!

The Balancing Act of Fitness

Most of us have seen the yin/yang symbol at some point but do you know what it means?

Did you know that it relates to all of life including how you exercise?

Yin is the white side of the symbol and means the hidden/feminine/receptive/potential side of being.

Yang is the black side of the symbol and means the outwardly expressed/action/male side of being.

The One Secret to Help You Overcome Your Fitness Plateau

As an avid music lover, it infiltrates every part of my life and certain songs trigger powerful memories from different stages of my life. Whenever I hear “Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)” by C+C Music Factory I think of my dad and random dance parties in the basement when I was a little girl. Music has gotten me through some of the highest and lowest points of my life. It is a daily part of my everyday routine from what song my morning alarm plays to what inspires me to run that extra mile. No matter what type of music you like, melodies and beats have a universal language on an unconscious level that we can all relate to.