A Wholistic Take

Cincy Magazine February/March 2020 Alliance Integrative Medicine looks at the whole person when it comes to managing pain Alliance Integrative Medicine, located at 6400 E. Galbraith Road in Kenwood, often sees patients come in looking for help with their chronic pain. Dr. Steve Amoils, director of AIM, says that while most people consider there to … Continued

The Art of Healthy Travel

Guest Post by Katherine Mattox, RDN I love talking with patients about their lives and travels, and travel is a frequent topic that comes up in our sessions. Typically our conversations address the patient’s concern about how to sustain a healthy diet during different or uncertain circumstances. Unless a patient needs to uphold a structured … Continued

(How) Do you know what’s REALLY in your supplement?

Unfortunately, many studies have shown that some dietary supplements do not actually contain what is on the label. In the U.S., supplements are not regulated by the FDA. While the manufacturer is responsible for ensuring safety, new supplements do not need to be approved by the FDA unless they contain a new ingredient that has … Continued

Alliance Integrative Medicine’s Fellowship Accredited by the American Board of Physician Specialties

  AIM is one of only 14 accredited integrative medicine fellowship training centers in the USA Cincinnati, Ohio, Aug. 1, 2018 – Cincinnati-based Alliance Integrative Medicine (AIM) is delighted to announce that the American Board of Integrative Medicine® (ABOIM®) has approved AIM’s Integrative Medicine Physician of Excellence Program (IMPOE) — making it one of only … Continued