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Cold Hands? Five Tips To Keep Them Warm During Winter Cleanses

It’s that wonderful time of year again to break some old, unhealthy habits while introducing new and beneficial ones. During this period of change, many people find themselves wanting to support their body’s natural ability to detoxify itself by beginning a cleanse. Unfortunately, due to the temperature outside, one symptom sometimes experienced by people while cleansing tends to become amplified – cold hands, feet and/or body.

Below are five tips to help you deal with this reaction healthfully:

  1. Warm up your fruit and vegetables

    Consuming your fruits and vegetables raw by juicing, blending, or turning them into salads may seem like an easy way to increase your plant intake. Unfortunately, for those with a tendency to become cold, this sensation may increase when you grab them right from your refrigerator or freezer.Why not try removing from your freezer and thawing overnight any frozen fruit or vegetables you are planning on using the next day for your blended drinks. Any fresh fruits or vegetables that you want to eat within the next couple of days may be kept out on the counter to warm up to at least room temperature. Prior to making a salad, consider washing your greens in warm water and then drying them with a towel.

    Many cleanses ask that only half of your fruits and vegetables be eaten raw/uncooked. For the other half, enjoy steam, stir-frying, roasting or baking as a way to increase heat going into your body. Making warm vegetables soups are a great way to increase

  2. Eat warming foods and herbs

    Many different foods and herbs are considered to have warming properties. Some are actually considered diaphoretics, plants that increase our circulation and make us sweat. Increasing foods such as ginger, cayenne, cinnamon, garlic and onion in your cooking may help reduce your internal chill. Here is a website you can check out that lists other warming, cooling and neutral foods.

  3. Drink “tea“”

    Lots of cleanses remove anything with caffeine… so don’t drink it. Then how do we make a tea then? Warm/hot water plus any fresh or dried herb you like. Try choosing herbs from the warming foods found on this website. One of my favorite warming teas is a couple thin slices of fresh ginger with a splash of raw honey.

  4. Do some calisthenics

    While cleansing isn’t typically the time to be running marathons, when you’re cold, slightly increasing your heart rate through some mild calisthenics may be exactly what you need. Calisthenics are often used to warm-up the muscles prior to exercise. This category of exercise include things such as: sit-ups/crunches, push-up, lunges, dips, jumping jacks, pull-ups, squats, calf raises, plank and flutter kicks.

  5. Avoid hot showers, hot tubs or saunas

    Sometimes when we are really cold, these will cause us to vasodilate, or flush, too quickly. This can lead us to become dizzy or even faint. When you are cold and feel you need a little extra help to warm up, it would be safer to take a warm shower verses a hot one.Interested in doing a physician-guided cleanse with daily email support? Check out our 21 Day Transformation Program.

By By Lisa Gallagher, N.D.

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