Electronic Medical Records at AIM

Electronic Medical Records at AIM



We are transitioning onto an iPad-based electronic medical record system called DrChrono. While this may be a slight initial convenience, it will ultimately allow us to have a “High-Tech, High-Touch” system which allow for greater efficiency and improved care, while maintaining increased confidentiality, greater HIPAA compliance and an improved ability to communicate with you.

While we have resisted this change for many years, we have realized that just as we could not stop the transition from a flip phone to a smart phone, we will ultimately have to be on electronic medical records. After doing a three-year search, we chose DrChrono – the only system approved by Apple. Once you get used to it, we are sure you will see this as a step up. Ultimately it will allow you to check in prior to your arrival, access your own information such as your lab tests online, and receive video and other patient educational materials that we can personalize to you. And that is just a start…

It is important to realize that we are not asking for any different information than we already have on paper charts. This system allows us to make your life easier. For instance, if you give us your insurance information by taking a photo of your insurance card, we can pre-authorize any lab or radiology tests that may be needed. We can e-prescribe medication that you may need, and constantly look for drug-drug interactions or even supplement-drug interactions. In fact, if you ask your provider to show you some of the bells and whistles that this system provides, we are sure you will be impressed.

However change is not easy so we need to ask for your patience as we transition. Initially we expect this to be slower and more unwieldy, but ultimately it will be more efficient and easier for everyone involved.

When you arrive at our office, you will be given an iPad by a Greeter, or one of our Front Desk Personnel. They will show you how to get ready for your visit. If you don’t want to fill out any particular information just let them know. As you will see – there is one area which is already pre-checked! That is, you are here firstly for “Health and Wellness.” We look forward to working with you toward this goal.

Thank you for helping us as we help you.


Your Online Patient Portal:

Have you accessed your patient portal yet?  By setting it up, you will: 
– Have easy access to your records, our handouts and educational materials.
– Be able to receive appointment reminders via text, email, or phone calls according to your preference.

How do I do this?  Please call our front office, who will be able to further assist you in this process:  513-791-5521

I have already accessed my portal:  Then you can download an app for your iPhone for quick access to your medical records while you’re on the go!  Please CLICK HERE to download this convenient feature.


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