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Your Fall Transformation Toolkit

Get well and stay well this fall with these top 5 tips from our wellness team.

1. Slow down. Often we are in such a rush during fall with kids going back to school and work ramping up that the lazy days of summer are a distant memory. Carry that summer spirit into fall by simply slowing down. Go for a leisurely 20 minute walk during your lunch hour without your phone. Combat adrenal fatigue (elevated cortisol) this season with MBSR – Mindful Based Stress Reduction. This incredible 8-week course with Dr. Richard Sears will teach you tools to combat your stress, anxiety, and depression on a daily basis contributing to your overall wellness. The next course starts Monday, Sept.15th. For more information, contact our office. ~ Dr. Liz Woolford, Integrative Medicine Physician & Prolotherapist

2. Outsource your life. We often fill our days with tasks that lean us away from being truly productive. Pick one or two things to outsource that for a few extra bucks will give you time to do things that are truly a priority. Have a hard time finding time to go to the grocery store to make healthy meals so you just order takeout? Try Plated, which delivers healthy ingredients and recipes to your front door that you choose. Or Green Bean Delivery – where you can choose form a variety of fresh produce delivered to your home or office. ~ Dr. Sandi Amoils, Medical Director, President of AAMA, and Co-Author, Get Well & Stay Well

3. Boost immunity and energy. At a recent medical conference, we were introduced to GinST15 – a Koran Panax Ginseng extract – designed as a fully balanced adaptogen which brings the body into balance. Using a patented enzyme fermentation process, a active metabolite is formed resulting in increased absorption and more consistent dosage in comparison to other ginseng products on the current market. Indicated for stress, anxiety, fatigue, and compromised immune function. It also supports healthy blood glucose, mental clarity, and sustainable energy. Available in our AIM retail store. ~ Dr. Steve Amoils, Medical Director & Co-Author, Get Well & Stay Well

4. Try an infrared sauna. With the heat of the summer, we naturally sweat more and release additional toxins through our skin. We can still activate that heat by using infrared saunas, which are much more relaxing than a hot yoga session and easier on our knees! The benefits of regular infrared sauna use include – faster metabolism, increased circulation, glowing complexion, and reduced stress and joint pain.

5. Do a detox. Periodic cleansing of the body to remove a build-up of toxins is key to optimal health. Seasonal transitions are prime time for doing a detox program. If you suffer from any of the following, then your body is begging you for a detox – fatigue, abdominal fat, joint pain/stiffness, digestive issues, sugar cravings, allergies, PMS, or unexplained rashes. Join us for our personalized fall detox program with options for a 10 or 21 Day Purification Programs starting in October. Enjoy 24/7 support from our wellness team during your program, including daily emails filled with recipes, nutritional guidance, stress reduction techniques, affirmations and more. ~ Dr. Lisa Gallagher, Naturopathic Physician & Wellness Counselor

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