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It’s not the fat dummy – it’s the sugar! (…and other great untruths we have swallowed)

In recent blogs and newsletters we have highlighted certain “truths” we have been led to believe were going to make us healthier, when in fact they did just the opposite. In this last month’s newsletter, we referenced Time magazine’s article on 6/23/14 – Eat Butter: Scientists labeled fat the enemy. Why they  were wrong. The Time author reviews in detail how fat has been demonized for years, yet fat hasn’t  been the problem. If you were lucky enough to attend our screening of the documentary, Fed Up, or  if you are paying attention in general to the population around you, you will begin to understand that  our generation is rapidly becoming the largest ever failed experiment in food science. We have been  listening to the “experts” – but it turns out the “experts” were wrong! It seems that sugar, specifically  high fructose corn syrup is currently our biggest concern.

Let’s look at some basic issues:

  1. Our genes haven’t changed for thousands of years. In general, our genes adapt to help us  survive. If, for instance, we have the “thrifty gene,” our bodies will hoard fat if we are stressed.  So, perhaps even the stress of “going on a diet” will make us hoard fat?
  2. Generally we need a wide array of micronutrients. In nature, there are thousands of  phytonutrients (phyto=plant based). We have in no way come close to duplicating this with any  scientific technology.
  3. In the past few decades we have:
    • Introduced hundreds of thousands of man-made, new-to-nature compounds that  interfere with our enzyme systems. These compounds get stored in our “toxic waste  dump” – our fat. So, when we lose fat, we need to be able to detoxify as well, not just  reduce calories.
    • Introduced genetically modified foods. While this has great promise, we don’t yet know  how exactly we respond to them. Do you know that in some areas, over 50% of children  are showing antibodies to soy? And the vast majority of soy is now GMO.
    • Increased our high fructose corn syrup intake almost 9000%.
  4. Low fat diets and diet sodas have not made us any thinner as a society. In fact they seem to do  just the opposite.
  5. In the meantime, food companies continue to manipulate our taste buds by feeding us highly  addictive combinations of sugar, salt and fat. We call these “snacks bars.”
  6. And, we are prone to what author Michael Pollan calls “nutritionism” – that by adding certain  nutrients that seem healthy, we think we are going to improve our health. An example would be  vitamin-enriched diet sodas. Pollan goes on to say that he is immediately suspicious of anything  labeled “healthy,” and for good reason.

Here is what you can do:

    1. Cut sugar. Consider doing our 10 day sugar detox.
    2. Eat more fruit and vegetables grown locally in nutrient rich soil with the minimal use of

pesticides and herbicides.

  1. Eat more good fat.
  2. Eat whole grains, (unless you are a person that doesn’t tolerate grains).
  3. Eat high quality protein – pasture-raised, organically fed chickens and their eggs, grass fed beef  or wild-caught, low-mercury fish.
  4. Finally, consider getting your nutrient levels monitored by doing specialized genomic and  functional lab tests to find out what you need specifically. These cutting edge tests allow us for  the first time to look under the hood to begin to help you understand what the best diet is for  YOU!
Steve & Sandi Amoils, M.D’s.

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