Improving Time Travel in 2019

Improving Time Travel in 2019


Did you know that time travel is possible today? And, believe it or not, it has been available for years with no man-made machine to facilitate it. As a matter of fact, you have probably done it more than a few times in your lifetime already. How? By dwelling on memories or thoughts.

Take a moment and think of a wonderful event that happened in your life: a graduation, new job opportunity, birth, marriage, vacation, party, or just a moment of quiet relaxation, etc. Do you have it in your mind’s eye? Please take 30 seconds and relive that moment…


How was that? Did you notice anything different in your body? Maybe you found yourself breathing deeper? Or having a sensation of relaxation or joy in your body? Did you find yourself smiling slightly?

Now, take a moment and think of an unpleasant moment in your life: an argument, the struggle through an illness, a financial stress, the loss of a loved one, possession or thing. We hate to ask this of you, but for the sake of a demonstration, please take 30 seconds and relive that moment…

How was that? Did you notice anything different in your body this time? Did your heart rate increase or breathing become shallower? Maybe you felt tension in your muscles around your body, like your jaw, upper back or within your abdomen? What expression did you have on your face while you were recalling the memory?

When we transition our attention to memories, positive or negative, we time travel and relive the event within our bodies again. These journeys can also occur with fabricated thoughts about incidents that may, or may never, happen in our futures. Our negative trips into our past or future need to stop. Learning how to control our attention and becoming more present in the moment, has been shown in research to help reduce social anxiety and stress, boost memory and relationship satisfaction, and “enhance self-insight, morality, intuition and fear modulation.”

How can you improve your travels through time this year:

  • Take back control of your breathing and muscles:
    • When you find your mind dictating how your body should feel, remind it that you are in charge by practicing some deep breathing or by increasing your physical activity (exercise) as both have been shown to reduce our experience of stress.
  • Take back control of your thoughts:
    • When you find yourself dwelling on the wrong things, change the channel. Think about a joyful memory, read a fun book or magazine, listen to music, hum a song, call a friend or practice meditation. Check out our FREE, audio, mediation series by clicking here.
  • Talk with your AIM physician about how your thoughts are affecting you. They have experience using Bach Flower Remedies, acupuncture/ACEs, massages and more to help patients regain control of their time travel, and they can help you decide which therapy will work best for you.
  • Sign up for the next Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) class held here at AIM. This amazing class is a fantastic treatment option our physicians recommend over and over to their patients. To learn more about this class, click here:


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