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The Magic of Butter

Have you seen the cover article on the most recent Time magazine? Eat Butter: Don’t Blame Fat states that for decades experts have been touting a diet that has paradoxically increased the incidence of diabetes, obesity, and clogged arteries.

A quick summary of the article highlights these key points:

  1. Cardiovascular disease continues to rank as the No. 1 killer in America.
  2. Type 2 diabetes has increased 166% from 1980 to 2012.
  3. Eating fewer calories and exercising more leads to weight loss.
  4. The type of LDL “bad” cholesterol and particle size number is more important than the calculated number.
  5. All fat is not created equal.

The type of calories you are consuming is much more important than the actual amount. When the food industry started producing low-fat foods, they had to replace the fat with something to make the foods palatable. This turned out to be sugar, which kept people coming back for more. In the last 40 years, our consumption of high fructose corn syrup, skim milk, and corn products has increased astronomically while our intake of beef, eggs, and butter has significantly decreased in an effort to reduce our risk of a heart attack.

This is not a license to go out and eat butter. Rather a call to action to be more mindful of the type of fat you are consuming. Healthy saturated fats like the types found in salmon, coconut oil, and nuts are important foods to include in your diet. At the same time, reducing or eliminating your consumption of refined carbohydrates like bread and corn is key to prevent diabetes and obesity. In the article, Dr. Dariush Mozaffarian states, “A bagel is no different than a bag of Skittles to your body.” This was also highlighted in the new documentary, Fed Up, where it states the food industry has been deceiving us for years. It claims that the obesity epidemic is caused by a sugar addiction rather than simply controlling our fat intake. Our center recently took their 10-Day Sugar Free Challenge and encourage you to do the same to learn how your sugar intake is affecting your immediate and long-term health.

Lastly, one of my favorite points of the article is highlighted in this famous quote by Michael Pollan – “Eat REAL food. Mostly plants. And not too much.” If we can follow these simple guidelines, it will lead to a healthier America.

At Alliance Integrative Medicine, we can assist you in analyzing your current eating patterns to optimize your health as well as test your expanded cholesterol profile. Please contact our front office to schedule a consultation.

By Dr. Tiffany Lester


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