New Electronic Medical Record (EMR) System

New Electronic Medical Record (EMR) System

After two years of working with our current electronic medical record (EMR) vendor, it has become apparent that we need a better option. Over the next few weeks, we will be moving our records over to a new system. We have been hard at work- developing and training for our upcoming transition. The great part? We don’t have to re-enter all your information manually, and neither do you! We will be able to access your records electronically and continue providing your care with minimal disruption.

What should you expect?

Before your next appointment, we will send you an invitation to register for your new patient portal. We will call you to let you know and ask you to complete the registration. If you don’t have time before your appointment, we will have computers and team members available to help you when you come into the office.

What will happen to your current patient portal?

Beginning March 11, your current patient portal will no longer be connected with our office and unfortunately your information will no longer be available. We founds this to be very disappointing but was the only option through our current vendor.

Please don’t worry. If you need old results, we will be able to send them to your new patient portal. Your NEW patient portal will have even better capabilities than your old one- allowing you to update medications, supplements, send in lab results, and eventually the ability schedule appointments online. You can call the office to request access and we will be happy to help!

Not interested in using technology?

Please let us know. We will work out a way to best help you prepare for your appointment.

We know that change isn’t always easy. We believe this change will allow us to communicate better within our office and provide more focused care, ultimately allowing us more time with each patient.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact our office at 512-791-5521 and ask to speak to Becky or Alex Jo.

Thank you for your continued support!

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