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Omega 7’s for Heart Health

As we wind down the month of February, we have been focusing on heart health. By now it is common knowledge that taking a quality fish oil is essential to maintain a healthy cardiovascular system. Adding Omega-3 fatty acids to your diet and supplement regime supports your immune system, healthy brain function, and cardiovascular health. Adding Omega-7 to your supplement regime may help reduce the #1 cause of death in America for both men and women from recent research.

Where do you find Omega-7’s?

The best supplement we have found that combines the anti-inflammatory benefits of Omega-3’s and 7’s is Mega 10 by Metagenics. This pharmaceutical-grade supplement is not available at health food or grocery stores. It is specifically designed to support healthy triglycerides and blood lipids.

Palmitoleic vs. Palmitic Acid

Palmitic acid is a saturated fatty acid that recent studies have shown may have a negative impact on heart health due to it’s inflammatory capabilities. Sea buckthorn, often found in capsules or liquid form, is a combination of unpurified palmitic and palmitoleic acid. It usually has a high concentration of palmitic acid and may not be as healthy as previously thought. Mega 10 contains a concentrated amount of purified palmitoleic acid, designed to remove the inflammatory effects of palmitic acid.

Emerging Science on Omega-7

Recent studies have shown promising results.

  • A cross-sectional study has shown a positive association between circulating palmitoleate and healthy insulin and lipid metabolism.
  • A recent open label pilot study with 16 patients participating in a lifestyle change program and who supplemented with purified Omega-7’s for 30 days showed improvements in triglycerides and both LDL and HDL cholesterol levels.
  • Preliminary results from a recent placebo controlled study with 60 healthy patients demonstrates improvements in blood lipids. This further confirms Omega-7’s role in promoting cardiovascular health. (Excerpt from Metagenics)

Learn more from this video.

Want to optimize your heart health? Consider doing a cleanse! We had our first group complete the 21 Day Transformation Program with incredible results. Many reported increased energy, less bloating, more restful sleep, and weight loss. Included in the supplement package is Mega 10 to support your cardiovascular system and reduce inflammation which contributes to overall health.

By Dr. Tiffany Lester.
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