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Reduce Infections as Your Kids Go Back to School

Steve Amoils, MD

Did you know that a study showed that an herbal combination of echinacea, propolis, and vitamin C showed a 55% reduction of illness and a 62% reduction in the number of days with fever per child in children (Arch Pediatr Adolesc Med. VOL 158, 2004; 158:217-221)?

Many of you have been faced with the decision of sending your child back to school in person or pursuing online learning. Regardless of your decision, you’ll want to support your child’s immune system as best you can as they start to interact with peers. Below, you will find our top recommendations for keeping your kids healthy this school year. We like to focus on three things:

1. Boost Your Immune System –

  • Imu-Max is the exact herbal combination mentioned above and studied in 430 children. The results were impressive! Consider adding this OR,
  • D-Hist Jr. (contains Quercetin, which has been shown to help with allergies and protect from viral infection)
  • PLUS, Vitamin D drops are a good idea as Vitamin D boosts the immune system overall.

2. We also recommend a multivitamin –

  • Mitocore (powder or capsules) OR,
  • ActivNutrients Chewable

3. And finally, add a probiotic (choose one) –

  • RestorFlora
  • Orthobiotic
  • Ultraflora ImmuneBooster
  • Klaire Labs Ther-biotic Children’s Chewable

If you have any questions regarding dosing for these products or what may be best for your kids, please schedule an appointment with your provider or contact our store.

You can purchase the recommended supplements through our online store, calling 513-791-5521, or by coming into our retail store.

There is no proven treatment for COVID. These supplements are based on Institute for Functional Medicine recommendations, knowledge of how the virus works, supplements that boost immune surveillance, and successful protocols that have been used at AIM.


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